Sunday, March 5, 2006

my baobei

gosh.. im so sad.
i lost my bao bei.....
my bao bei handphone.
maybe i dropped it while i dropped it into my bag after i used.
maybe someone just stole it. cos i discovered it 2hrs later, since the last time i looked at it.
sob sob..
i think losing wallet is a better option. less money lost.

my darling friends, sorry, but i really dont have any of your contacts anymore. when i get my replacement sim card back, i would like you to sms me k? then tell me whats your name, so i can save back.
thanks =)

yesterday, went to orchard and PS with dawn and nat. damn. other than losing my phone, i had a hole in my pocket. i bought quite a number of stuff. a bag, 2 tops and 3 sets of earrings. mainly because everywhere is having sales. and mini-bits is having a 50% off storewide, today last day wor.
we simply walked till we dropped, and i and nat only ate Si Lin crispy chicken for dinner while dawn ate Si Lin don't know what susage creeps lah.. hahaha.. save money and time mahs.

anyway, those who are concerned about my course. yes, i am going to appeal on monday. bing long agreed to bring i and dawn to NP le. but althea says, sure alot of people appeal and now my losing point is my humanities cause i got C5 for it. >.<

reply of tags:
xinyan, xianz, melinda: thanks. i already appeal le.
olivia: will re-link. hehehe.. sorry.
esther: haha.. okay. nice to meet you, (from i and dawn).
anonymous: perhaps, =) is a loser too?
ranndommn: not i didnt get into chemical biomole, but i didnt choose it as my top choice, cause after thinking, science was one of my lousy subject, thats y i dropped pure science and took up and yeah, i think =) has a crush in me, cause i admire =) coming in to tag almost everyday. hahaha..


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