Friday, March 3, 2006

high hopes

i bore high hopes on it, just to find myself in greater disappointment. perhaps 11pts wasnt a great thing overall. couldnt understand for a moment why one of my friends got the same 11points as me but got into the course. but i didnt. *sigh* both i and her put it in the first option, but the fate turned out to be different.

this is the first time i have so high hopes on something. something, that im kinda confident in getting it. but now, its shattered. now totally sad, till i am crying. just feeling a pity.

but on the other hand, i am still in the school i want with a course that was in my 3rd choice. a course that there are almost 400 peeps taking it and i have got to squeeze into perhaps the top 10%? then i can take one step closer to my dream course. in my 3rd options, i can have a chance to convert into my first option in my second year, if i do well. and if i do. i am just a normal girl taking a course 400 people are taking. 400 people is alot, compared to just 130+ people taking chemical and biomolecular and 80 people taking tourism.

now my current mood is
abit sad
abit sian ji pua
abit disappointed
and abit relieve

now the choice is, should i appeal?


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