Friday, March 3, 2006


firstly, got to congrats Charles kor kor for having his ORD today.
hannah! he is so happy that he got his Pink IC today.

after work, went home to rest, then went back to school to find ronald and mr soo for lunch. came back to school with mr lee's kopi then headed to the soccer alley to chat with nat and nson they all..
as usual, went into the It room and had some chatting around. wahs!! finally...... yvonne teach me how to make the pics liao. hahaha. thanks!
had the election for the new exco then i and jonathan prompted some common questions to the sec3s. some were pretty good.. but overall, i think all of them did a great job in answering and promoting themselves. =) well done guys.

everything ended abt 7pm. at least i got to know some of the juniors. and i relieased they got read my bloggy too ! heex.. xie xie.
i can recognise some of their face. but names i can only rememebr a few lor. sorry wor. i will try my best again when i see u all the next time.

*sigh* tml JAE results will be out.
i'll be working, but heng mr soo offered to help me check! wahahahaa..
good good.
k bahs.. i go liao. buais.


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