Sunday, March 12, 2006

my day out

stay at home in the afternoon ytd to help my sister pack her things cause she is moving out her stuffs to her new home. slacked around a home and as usual, munch on my coco krunch. *tsk tsk*

while staying at home, i waited for bing long to decide where he wanna treat us to makan. reason for treating is, we bought him birthday present. -.-" his birthday of course got birthday present mahs!! wah lau.. anyway, we ended up meeting only at 7.45pm. went down to wheel lock place to eat sakae sushi. one sad thing was that, after we sat not 20mins only, the conveyer belt had stop! wtf, no more food to eat. we only had 2plates from it. bo bian, had to order from the menu, but it took them decades to serve us. ended up, we didnt eat alot lo.. but we had very interesting topics to talk about. e.g the show Da Chang Jin and people commiting sucide. in spore, everyday, there is an average of 1 person commiting sucide. =/ and it is more people aged under 20 than older generation people commiting sucide. PLUS, the top reason is relationship problems then money problems or unemployment. *sigh* life is so fragile.

Roam on the streets of orchard at 10.30pm. there were still quite a number of people hanging around. by the time i reached home, it was midnight. >.<>

Ewwww!!! i love my friends mans!


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