Monday, March 27, 2006

Ngee Ann

Today is kind of a busy day for me.. but i think tomorrow will be worst. =/
went to school in the morning and chat around with the 3rd HYSC members. took some pictures with my hao buddy, ronald then crap around with mr soo.. poor mr lee has a big "pimple" now on the face. =S
as time went by, assembly started then saw the whole procedings. *sigh* hao hui wei gou qu wor.. but its really the past le. its no longer "good morning Mrs Kong etc..." hahahas.. Bian le.. anyway.. congrats to the new HYSC. stay united k?

left hyss with jon and js to meet up dawn and chyi. went to ngee ann then did our registration. hung around the Laptop booths, finally deciding on my DELL lappie le.. Latitude D610... omg~ im excited. cos tml the dell person is coming over to my house to get the cheque then they will deliver to me the laptop next week. simply fast and cool. =)
had the spin and win thingy, so i spun something like a wheel a fortune wheel. got to have a suprised gift. gees.. trolley bag -.-" hahaha.. it was so heavy lorhs.. heng jon help me carry back.

had my dinner at king albert's park Mcd.. Huge place. =/


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