Sunday, March 26, 2006

My friday

Ive been feeling super lazy recently. yesterday, my mum was home to pack the house. today shes home to sell the unwanted things to the karang guni. *sigh* she said she'll allow me to re-arrange my room and now she is too lazy to do it so she say dont. arghs~ so angry and sad.

Last friday, Lina (she works with me in the morning) came down to take photos with us. cause this mon she is leaving le.. shes going back to indonesia as her attachment here has finished. *sob*

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i and Lina

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i and Sara
she is also in Ngee Ann. but she is one year older than me, now holiday so working lorhs..

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We 3 Girls.

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this is Auntie May. hahaha.. she is always cutting Butter.. =P

after work on friday, met up charles kor kor.. felt so pai seh cause he had to eat porriage with me. my stomach wasnt feeling very good, so he suggested porriage, ended up he ate with me too.. lols. in order to make him feel better, i convinced him to eat his favourite ice cream. lols.. i think he must be very fustrated cos he had to spend money. =/
anyway, we went home quite early. 7pm jiu take bus back le. i was so tired and there was nothing to walk around le.. so bo bian, go back le lor.. met Gavin on the way back too.. Hmmm.. this week second time le. Perhaps he work nearby? hees.. he Never change lar.. still that height. hahas..

Im feeling SOooooo Lazy. but im seriously looking forward in getting my lappie. lalalalas..


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