Saturday, February 11, 2006


As i stepped into the school, i could still breathe and laugh at my friend's hair. but as the ku-ku VP started preaching about how to register.. wtf, i felt like killing him cause half of the school wasnt listening.. it was already 2.30pm and then the new principal came up and started her slide show ?!!! gosh... she annonuced Guan ming as the top scorer.. omg.. he got 8pts for R5.. all As.. except of EL b3... it was quite good le.. cause considering huayi always have our top scorer not scoring very well for their english..

then mdm khaw called the first reg to stand.. i saw si chyi laugh.. *phew* thats a good sign.. then as i was signing my name, i peeped at my result slip and i saw "A" WAH!!!! i got 2 As !!

EL - B3
Comb.H - C5
Maths - A1
A.Maths - B3
Sci - A1
CL - B3

i was quite shock that my EL could get so high and my comb.H had passed. thank god. i know many got A for Amaths.. but i can say that, this B3 is really amazing cause i barely practiced my Amaths due to last minute rushing of Emaths. my Emaths paid off my efforts along with Science.. i handed my result slip to mr soo and mr lee.. and this is the day im offically graduated from huayi secondary. =)

L1 R4 11
L1 R5 16

im really happy with this results and i am still determine to get into poly and not JC.
as u know, my result slip was one then three then one.. so as i held on to the slip, i had really difficulties counting how much i got. heng the Form A got write. =P
though with 11pts, i still have abit of difficulties getting into Ngee Ann as my EL is B3.. gonna go through the JPSAE and have the interview and recommandation through leadership. pray for me... i really wanna be in the course. though my dad and my mum wants me to be in the science course, but as you know, i dropped from pure and comb. pure science was already a torture to me. i would considear tourism related course for the second option then.. but ngee ann school is a school im determined to get in.

to my classmates who had done well and able to continue their Jc path or had pass their EL and maths, congrats to u. share with me ur results too k?
mdm khaw was really happy though, cos i and jingxian and others didnt fail amaths! wahahahaha... we are the hopeless amaths students who always got D7 in exams. and now a B3. was bit disappointed that my Cl didnt score better. but the rest of the results are good enough le.

As for now.. i really wanna thank Mr lee, Mdm Khaw, Bing Long and Ronald.. they really help me alot. Mr lee for Science and Mdm khaw and Ronald for Maths. as for Bing Long, he kept threatening me and of course in another way, it pushed me further lor.. heez. Lastly is my dear lor.. =P

i hope ronald is okay now, dont sad k?

tomorrow i'll be quite sian after i send kahkian to work.. im in search of people to go out with me for a walk for awhile.. anyone interested? Anson, if u're reading this.. i sent u an SMS le!!!!! go out k?

btw, on the prev. entry, i posted a double pic.. the back is...

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sorry wor.. i didnt check the entry after i post it up..
qianx* : now u understand?


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