Friday, February 10, 2006

My updates

last thursday i went out with charles kor kor.. once again, i felt super short beside him.. and the first 30mins i just kept laughing cos of his height.
he is 19+ cm.. and can u imagine, a guy go throught the mrt door have to bent down?! -.-" if he ever tip-toe, his head would hit the ceiling of the train. -.-" that sucks standing beside him.
he bought me to search for my 5566 book.. and i found it!!

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its quite challenging to read it in chinese though.

then we walk around orchard and went into far east, dunno y again, we walk into a book store. and it cause me to spend 20bucks on books. good sale. cos the books are very new =)

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after awhile, i felt tired le, so he took 502 with me back home then he took 187 to woodlands and take another bus home. btw, he stays at tampiness. and he have hobby too, which is to seat bus. he enjoys it, ye c. hahaha..

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crazy thing he did on the bus, pai seh sia.. hahaas..

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he sit oso cover the door bell behind him le.. damn, his tall.

mon, i, chyi, dawn and kk went to shop. only i and kk bought clothes. lols.. i spend $15 though, a nice record. then we went to eat soup spoon.. ordered so much then my stomach almost exploded.

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the clean plates.

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and the left overs.. wahahaha.. alot hor?

haish.. tml results out le.. im worried. worried like shit. worried to fail any of the subjects im taking. and worried to score badly for my angmo. wth, i dun wanna retake Os. i wanna get into ngee ann, but if its not mass com, i dunno wad i wanna do liao. =(
pray for me.

have u seen before the old one dollar coin?
let u see.. u oso xia dao.

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the front.. look at the year.. O.O

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and the back.

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and the amount of it i have.. omg.. hahaha..
apparently is my ah ma last time give my mum. then my mum keep until now then discover it in one of her boxes. -.-

interesting, eh?


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