Saturday, February 4, 2006

my computer

in order to make my dear computer function at a smarter way and play my o2jam plus gunz plus listen music. i formatted my computer.......... than i accidently installed 2 windows XP. omg.. ended up i deleted one. but now when i turn on my computer, it ask me to choose between 2 window XP but one would be "unable to run" cos i deleted the files. damit. i cant get that "window XP professional" word outta my starting screen. BAHS!!!!

then im too busy to install the damn programs into my computer. so im using my bro's lappie now. ive been working full shift - ytd 14hrs and today 9hrs. GOD... im so great, and dead.
as for ANG BAOS collected.. woow... i got lots of blessings from them. =)

actually got some pictures to post... but too bad, i havent gotten my com set up...

look forward to see "MR. GIANT" ... lalala ....

dawn: wah lau.. post ur pic, u oso kb so much.. hahahas.. kb bcos i nvr edit rite? then hair very messy hor? =P
qianx: stop drooling.. ur abalone is better lor.
xinyan: i figured what susanna is trying to do too..
susanna: i shouldnt have read it.. hahahhas.. hao lar. i remember lehs. cos i noted down in my organiser.
irene: wahahahaha... yesh, it was taken in ur room cos that day u not at home mahs. so i very sians then walk into ur room and start my zi lian session lor.. hehehe..


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