Sunday, January 22, 2006

nothing to worry about

just chatted with charles kor kor over msn. chan le.. i hai him so late then sleep. he cheered me up then said that he is gonna call me tomorrow.. lols.. thats simply SO rare of him. cause this lazy ass only waits for people to call him. anyway, he is someone special cause i only met him once after knowing him for almost 5years. =/ can say that he "watched" me grow through my secondary school and i "watched" him pass his NS. >.<

went to meet dawn and shawn jsut now for dinner. didnt want to spend my night alone at home eating. so i went out. didnt want to go far too.. cause now im adult bus fare mahs.. so i came to realise that they were in JE library. then i went down JE to meet them to makan.
walked around then chatted, then went back.

hinted my mum that i wanted clothes for new yr. but she say i got alot le - in fact i only have 2 new pieces. then i hinted her i wanted new shoes. didnt dare to tell her i wanted boots. but.... think abt it, i'll get it after new yr. told her to pay 50% of my jigsaw, but she say "no". arghs! then i agreed to give her 200 bucks next month - arghs, shouldnt have said it. anyway, she is so mean. i told her to bring me JB to shop, and she said there the things not cheap, dont be trick. haish... nvm lor. lets wait for my bangkok trip. *shrugs*

lets talk about work..
just as i was getting use to citylink outlet, i am now dropped to raffles outlet. wth. all thanks to the FAT OLD SNAKE - fos (citylink outlet manager). the first day i went to citylink to work, a guy named "P" came in as a crew training for manager. fos asked me to team up with him udner the eggs counter. he first day come in very what lor.. never say hi.. never introduce.. then uncle and aunties dont like him. after a week, a crew named CH was transferred to replace an existing crew. CH is like a jie jie to me, cos she is the only one that can gossip me and teach me things. then we always complain to each other about how dumb and asshole the P is. he learn cashier for 2wks liao still dunno lehs.. then always hai us.. got 10 orders, 5 is wrong de lor. dawn, chyi and i suspect he cannot read angmo. everytime fos is around, he go and keep plate. then when fos gone, he tell i and CH to keep plate.
nvm lehs... the angry part is that he go and complaint to fos that i and CH very lazy, so always ask us to keep plate. then CH overheard mahs, then very angry. in the end fos believe. this is impossible cos CH is the most hardworking and capable crew lor.. -.-"
last fri.. all manger got meeting mahs. that fos go tell big boss-J that my cashier no good. then CH must be transfered back to raffles. **** lor.. i cashier no good?!!! J train me cashier lehs.. somemore transfer me to citylink so that i can support cashier position, in the end fos the whole wk only let me touch morning crowd cashier once. then the rest of the days he do. i believe he dont want me to "take over" him lor.. cos he cannot do the other positions, either too slow, or scared dirty. wah lau.. luckily J and payar lebar manager-B got speak up for me and they believe in my skill, if not i kanna push down the river for no reason. now the saddest part is J gonna put me in to raffles next week. and B say that im gone from payar lebar outlet for now. =( *sob sob* i cant go back there le. idiot chyi is the golden card now at payar lebar, cos she nvr kanna transfered out b4. haish..
then last night i sent schedule., i put "flexible but preferbly to work in same shift as CH or jiesheng".
then dawn keep plates at raffles for 8hrs, kanna complaint she slack. -.-" all managers sucks except J and B.


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