Wednesday, January 25, 2006

near the new year

oOooo.. its near the chinese new year.. and i thing the greatest thing i bought was boots! muahahaha.. im too lazy to take a pic with my ugly legs. so wait till new year when i wear it then i take a pic bah. but i can tell u is the long type. but i can fold it down to become a shorter boots. dawn also bought a pair. it was quite hard to find one in far east cause our le size is too big. =/ all left last pair. then it cost me 60bucks.. *sobs*
at far east, we saw xiaxue too.. =) i think she is so short.. in fact she was already wearing very high heels.. =x gosh.

today i collected my cat jigsaw puzzle too.. it was so damn heavy. and i had to walk home.. bus fare now is expensive. so i choose to take number "11". hand almost broke sia.

this week i working at raffles with dear. then theres this new shop that sells ang mo kopi and some sandwiches. today, i popped by with my collegue to buy a cup of cappucino and latte, cos they having a opening sell of just 1 dollar each. wow~ it smelled really nice. so chyi and dawn after work came down to find i and dear. then we went to drink in the shop cos the design very nice. then he gave us 2 big round cookies (each was $2.50) lor..

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the cookie is nice.. and not too sweet. so i bought 2 home home and chyi and dawn each bought one. lols.. so total of 4 right? ( 4 x 2.50 = 10bucks ) and he wanted to charge us 3bucks lor!! omg.. liddat he lose alot of money lehs.. so ended up we still paid him the original price lor..
he was a very nice angmo lar.. so dont bully him.

this friday school got event. wanted to go back. but i forget to tell my boss that i wanna off!! -.-" sotong me. haish... sorry guys.. i cant make it there le.

i sold my flip phone le.. and i got a sony ericsson k750i .. wahahaha.. firstly, im too lazy to flip le.. secondly its abit sot le. =/
and hor.. i was so sotong that when i change my hp over. i forget to transfer the bdays in my calender.. so i nid u guys to tell me again =( sorry..

lastly.. charles kor kor is sick ever since the night he talk to me.. and he is still like a dead cat in bed. get well soon, borther. =)

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