Monday, January 30, 2006

Chinese New Year

oOooo.. its late now. 3am. =/
just came back from movie with my cousins and my brother.
guess what we watched?

one word: Cool.

its quite funny and definitly worth watching.

today, some of my relatives came to my house. then the kids made noise while i spend my time teasing them and munching sweets.
i was thinking, how i wish i could be like them again? But then again, i dint like the feelings of school reopening. so.... forget it. hahas..

tml is another long day cause they are having mahjong session.. =x this year is kinda quiet in visiting though.

wore my boots today le.. then my necklace..
i actually have some pictures ready to be uploaded on the day we (dawn, chyi and dear) went to sakae sushi to lao yu sheng. but not all are sent to me yet.. so till then, im off to my bed.


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