Friday, November 4, 2005

What the hell

This morning, i crawled out of my bed after sleeping at 630. =X Did Amaths and Read S.S notes. Gosh.. So tedious subject to study. =(
i was late for Ting's lessons, but i just went ahead to the classroom for the lesson.
wasnt a very fruitful lesson for me. but nvm lar, at least he had touch on british welfare. guess i have to relay on my notes, TYS and BRAINS. >.<

went down to the canteen and proceeded with 2hr marathon of Emaths paper1.
Sad to say, i didnt complete on time. Sob.. then went out for lunch, then back to school to ask ronald Questions.

suddenly, SOMETHING happened..

Image hosted by
whats this??

Image hosted by
School's on fire!!!

No lar.. school having fogging session.
tmd Uncle see i and ronald sitting at the canteen table, still went ahead and spray it at us -.- we not mosquito lehs.. evil uncle. imagine ronald is just sitting infront of me, and i couldnt see him lor. scary lehs. =x
then the whole canteen was horribly fogged. i think before the mosquitos die, the students already mati liao sia.

continued studying awhile more before heading back home.
at the bus stop, saw Mdm khaw. went up the bus and chatted. was awhile lar.. but she something really very cute lehs. hahas.. dont know how to explain lehs. =D

anyway, i very tired liao. wanna sleep le. ltr wake up another marathon for S.S...


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