Monday, November 14, 2005

Long Time No See

Yo YOo YOooo ... !! long time no see. got miss me?
hees.. nahs.. im not dead. just lazy and nothin to blog.
after accumulating some pictures, i finally have the inspiration to write something for this entry.
its 1.32am now.. and my blog is getting so rusty. viewer rate falling everyday. SOB!!
please dont leave me alone to blog!!!

ye see.. u gotta understand, im mugging VERY hard for my "wonderful" Os. finally fell that i can be very hardworking and smart lehs! not bad sia~ and first time walk out of the hall without the word "fail" on my head. tsk tsk. O levels isnt as hard as what you think. but really got to be hardworking and study before hand.
left 4 papers liao.. so fast hor? lalala.. adding up the hours together will make it less than 24hrs of completing all the O level papers. 4 papers leh!!!! not 5, not 6 and not 10 lehs!! =D
gosh. im crazy. forgive me then.

Image hosted by
this is macaroni.. Yum Yum.. very nice. got Mayo, creamer, fruit cocktail, nata de coco and lychee.. i ate them every night when i was studying the past few days.
my sis made a big tub mahs.. so i and my brother gobbled them down.

then i went to the library to prepare my Geography and study abit of an Amaths. then i saw this !!

Image hosted by
seen this before?? know the meaning of it?
it was by the table, along the windows..

hmmmm.. take a closer look..

Image hosted by
orhs!! share seats with others!
yarhs. i was sharing my table with another 2 students from pioneer JC. one was studying econs, another was studying bio. hmm.. the girl's drawing was very nice. so was making some bio notes. then i notice her drawing the cells picture on the paper. at first i thought it was printed. then i figured that she was using a very very very dark pencil lead. but then again, the cells looked exactly like the book's picture. >.<

oh.. i've been tagged by dear anson to do this 5 Ques.. its kind of stupid, because all 5 ques dont relate to each other.
nvm, i'll do.

1. i pronounce hougang as ..............
you mean there are other pronunciation to it?

2. i looooooveeeeeeeee
my bao bei, my toys, my friends, volleyball, music, my phone, chocolates, salsa fries.. arghs!! many many more!!

3. after thinking that i can recognised ways and roads well , i think that i am
still untrustable. cause i can claim that i know it well, but in actual fact, i dont.
i may know the street name, but i dont know how to get there.
i may know how to get there, but i dont know the street name

4. my puke is always
i dunno wad colour lehs. think is the colour on the things i eat lor.

5. i often have dreams that will come true , is this the 6th sense that woman have ?
yarhs.. i think so too.. cos i often dream of whats gonna happen. and i always have a weird feeling when i go to places like jurong point. that feeling tells me that im going to meet someone i know, and it will come true!!
if not i will have strong feelings when i forget to do something or bring something. =X

okay.. finished.
hmmm.. im suppose to tag some people...
let me see, i'll have:
Rachel Lee

Oh yarh!! one last thing. on the Sunday Times, there's an article on the park to park connection routes for cyclist, runners etc to use. look at the map (cant find a clear one online) on the papers. its damn cool.. you can actually ride from pasir ris to east coast one the route and to chinese garden and many many places! its linked. i wanna try it out with my friends. imagine from morning, you all carrying a bag of mp3, wallet, water and handphone.. start cycling and only end at night! some can cylce, some can blade.. it will be cool lor! hope that i can try the route though.. i think theres no steps, just slopes and turning points, after all, its for convenience of cyclist and bladers.
try it out =)


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