Friday, November 18, 2005

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

yesh.. i watched the movie le.
went to catch it with my bao bei.. lols.. he kept wanting to watch harry potter, but im really not very interested cause the last time when i tried watch the prisoner of the (dunno wad) i almost fell asleep. partly not understanding whats going on and who is who. its a long trail to follow. so i rather get the set of DVDs/VCDs and chiong like drama. liddat more shiok mahs..
the the movie that Lui De Hua act de, no more liao. =( NVM. wait for DVD. XD
oOoo.. finally ive figured out why The Exorcism Of Emily Rose is given 2 stars. basically its about a ture story (thus nothing of a twist as ive already read about the story) then there are only surprising scenes and abit of gore. but it isnt enough to make it rate into an NC16 show. because of the "storyline boredness", i guess thats the reasons why its ** rating nia.
oh yarh, if dont really know the christian/catholic symbols of devils, then most probably u'll go abit blur with the names and the time "3am" =)

It was Amaths Paper 2.. and i know i never performed well cos i had calculation error and thinking problems. i was super "f"ed up. joined chyi, jac and the group of boys to xiang hong's house to play.
hahass.. finally ive played a soccer game on PS. and then we played dai dee.. then mahjong. finally chyi, jac and i felt so bored, and thus we decided to play the game on, you open 2 cards then if same u get to have another chance to play. if not the same then u close it. and instead of cards, we use mahjong!! lols.. its simply brain-draining activity.. i guess the boys were very impressed by us cos we sat there laughing, screaming for almost an hour just for 2rounds of that game. -.-"

then we left for home and i quickly got changed and helped my dad do some things. went down to jp to meet dear for movie lor.
Dear bought clothes again.. im impressed by him. but dear, please dont buy clothes that u dont like to wear, although u know i like the design. hahas.. ask the designer to design a female one and i shall get it.

got home, my mum found out i went out. luckily nvr kb. so i stayed out in the living room searching for jobs to be done after Os. then chat with her. then now blogging lor.
Oh. im tired liao.. good night lar..
either sat or sun i'll blog again. something amazing!


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