Friday, November 18, 2005


Today is the day to rot. tomorrow is the day to be out and sunday and monday is the day to study. okay.. today isnt really the day to rot. but today is a day of cooling weather. arghs! i cant resist sleeping more till the afternoon. and my whole mind is set to "what to do after 22nd nov."

  1. Watch Lang Man Man Wu DVD
  2. Watch Pride VCDs
  3. Watch Initial D de comic version DVDs
  4. Prepare some cards for my Friends
  5. Earn some income from home so as to spend more during chalet.
  6. Get a small Sling bag
  7. Go out with sisters.
  8. Watch Chicken Little with bao bei
  9. Get my hair layered
  10. Bundle all my books up and chunck it under my bed. Ready to be thrown after getting Os results.

for the time being.. its like that lor. =p

haish.. im suppose to go to the post office today.. but im relunctant to get change and go down there. anyway, its going to be closed. =x

then im feeling so bored because no one is online to chat with me. RIVAL irc (my game irc) no one is awake cause it is early morning 9am there. MP3s are getting boring too.. arh!!! im bored.


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