Saturday, November 26, 2005

Router Down

Oh Gosh.. my router is down again. that means that i cant use my desktop to serve the net. currently using my bro's lappie to serve. he so selfish.. i begeed him then he let me use. then i cant go in to msn too.. cant use too long on his lappie too... if not he go sch no batt le.
gotta wait till mon or so then can go and service the router.. haish.. sad sia.

just now bing long brother call me saying that he is boarding the plane le. haish.. he will only be back next sunday.. thats kinda long. wish him all the best at Aust. he said he'll be calling me when he reach there to bao ping an.. hmmm.. he havent cor yet, so long sia. yesterday he treated me and his gf plus friends to pizza hut. his gf nice nice wor.. called adeline. wow.. me is add one "M".. lols. then his gf sweet sweet de. and he lehs.. so "hei xin" hahas.. see them together one yr plus le.. still so sweet. i very xian mu lehs. both keep holding hands.. haish. >.<

yesterday morning went back to HYSS to help out in the open house. all the kids that i led were from west grove primary.. and i didnt like one of their teachers.. kan le jiu wanna smack her.. at ard 1pm liddat went to SP to meet dawn they all. did heena with dawn. it was suppose to be a open house. but i felt so cheated cos it was more on games. next yr jan then they open house again and show all the courses -.-"
dawn they all went down orchard while i went back to hyss to chat with jon and mr lee, before heading down to jp.
after jp, met jon to go down expo to see js and dear work. waited for them to end their work then we went to changi to eat burger king. took a cab home. on the way back, we chatted with the taxi uncle lor.. haha.. he was quite a nice guy. then dear was sleeping all the way. see him liddat, i xin tong tong sia.. then today he have to work again too.. he was sleeping like a pig till his phone ring so lout he also nvr wake up. bo bian had to pick it up for him.
see, i so good. =p

tml going to MCS to support cheryll.. 3 cheers for yan zai cos he got through audi 2... and he is the top 100 le.. another one more audi and we will know if he is in the top 12 guys le.. so happy for him sia.. tml go MCS will be a whole new exp. pray that cheryll will sing well and dun b too nervous. and i WAN DAWN AIK TO GO !! if not i will CHAO JI WU DI sian and bored. cos got lovey dovey..

gtg le.. see when i free come back and update again.


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