Sunday, November 27, 2005



YEAHS! she got in..
and we are really really very happy. i cant blog long. ive got some pictures on what i bought and what happened later in the day.. will blog asap.
Junyang interviewed us and i was very excited. will blog in further details, maybe by tml.
enjoyed my day today and congrats to
YAN ZAI and CHERYLL and Rebecca's cousin.
see you peeps and join fan club on 13 dec k?

by the way calling all huayians who wanna go and support fellow EX/current huayian at junction8 on 13 dec.. we need u guys to come and support. even if u dunno cheryll or yanzai well oso nvm, even if u wanna go there see see nia, oso nvm, jus contact us. we will cheer together as a school. we need alot of people in order to have, perheps a higher chance of winning.

tml gonna go down to synergy building to repair the router.. lets hope i an get it down on the spot then i can go down to jp to meet dawn n then meet chyi to interview for job. i hope i can get it, alth i have henna on my hand =( now i regret doing it le.. haish.. any quick way to get it off?? i need to work this week lar.. arghs.

btw.. bing long bro call le.. he have reached there safely.. thank god.
all the best for all his games and i await his call of good news.


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