Monday, October 17, 2005

tiring day

wOw.. im back home.. just bathed finish too.
went for Deyuan kor kor's wedding dinner. Gosh!! damn chio.
im like SOooo falling in love with the bride. tsk tsk.
caught some pic. but sorry for the blur-ness. its too late for me to upload now.
so... tomorrow k?
anyway, i saw quite far from the front due to some mistakes in the table.
my family suppose to sit at the front one (close relative) but we ended up at the "friends" tables corner. *grumbles*
cant get a good shot of pictures.
so i ended up using the batteries taking pics of myself.
cant be blame.
but after taking for long. my hands started to shake. then the pics were some blur again!
lols.. opps! sorry.
anyway, got to go and sleep liao. last night only slept for 3hours.
but nevermind lar!
i did a BIG thing for my dear. and im getting salsa cheese fries back.

dear: is it 2 treats of salsa cheese fries or just one treat of it? tsk tsk.


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