Friday, October 28, 2005

Out Of Breath

Its getting harder to breathe.
everywhere seems so tighten up
*takes in a deep breath*
its so cold now.. its raining now.
and my table is full of TYS and maths papers.
feeling shit cos i've not started on my S.S. feeling ultra guilty too..
my chinese is a A this time.. if the compo is going to get screwed up, then i think my P2 i will not crack my brains on the hanyu pinyin words le.

Past few nights.. i really wanna go out of AIR liao. suffocating myself with the books. Pen inks gonna use finish, calculator gonna no battery. damn.
now i play my hp games before i get to sleep. and i wake up ultra early (compared to the past) and i can mug my books like no ones business with the help or ronald's speaker and dear's nano..
heng got dear's nano.. if not, i'll be killing myself in school.
Got on the bus this afternoon to get home. almost cry.
Damn. Dont ask me why.. but just had the "blahs!!!!" crying feeling.

one word to blame : stress


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