Monday, October 31, 2005

Never make Ms.Madey bored

Today was the Re-take of CL Os.. Paper 1 was easy.. had many things to write. and i attempted the informal letter. but paper 2 was like........... can use as toilet paper liao. =x i tell u hor.. if i ever get my that A2.. that would most probably be, becuase almost the whole singapore used it as a toilet paper, like me. hahas..

after paper, met Mrs Chin. chat with her then donated my VERY "highlighted" hao zhuo wen to her.. heez. inside got alot of slotted articles lor.. whoever who gets it arh.. dont have to read the whole passage ar.. just read the highlighted ones then can go take their exams le =X haas.. thats provided the topic trend still exist lar..
then met mr lee. he offered to explain some Chem questions and ask us (ronald, js and me) to join in his 4E4 class.. sat down there for 1hr.. quite fun lehs his class. didnt felt 1hr though.. =) quickly went down to jp to meet jon, gl and dear. had our lunch there and we started to buy things.

went on our different ways and we(gl, dear and me) headed to commonwealth drive to find the NEC service center. guoliang's lappie had a crankie sound producing when buttons were pressed on the screen. then we waited for about half an hour before the lady said we could go back to IMM and ask for a 1-to-1 exchange cause it was within the 7days range.
went back down to IMM.

guess what!! NEVER let Ms madey be bored.. we waited for 1hr and 30mins. 30mins was spent to CONVINCE the guy that the lappie had problems.. another 30mins was spent trying to make them CONFIRM they can change. LAST 30 mins was spent because we didnt want it to be repaired and we wanna get another model lappie with the extra topped up.
this 1hr and 30mins.. i almost went crazy... flipped magazines.. sat there. looked at people. stared at earphones and lappie. lastly i had a crazy thought to just get down to burger king and do my TYS. lols.. anyway... i went siao by asking dear if i could eat him anot... =X
never make me bored.. i'll have wild thoughts that could convince me that human meat is edible!! lols!

by the time we came out of IMM, it was dark le.. we had to take a cabbie home.. and here i am blogging now. later is S.S time.. then maths. =)


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