Sunday, January 1, 2012

Order Format


If you're ordering a card that's pre-made, it's very straight forward...

Email or PM me on Facebook with the following details:

Card Name: e.g. HB04, IMY02 etc..

Your Name: 
Contact Details: HP No. / Email Address
Special Request: e.g. adding in friend's name?
Delivery: Normal Mail, Registered Mail or Meet up.

I will reply you with the total transferable amount when everything is finalized.

You may find a wide collection of cards, along with their price and size on my  MLcraft Facebook Page.



However, if you are looking at ordering a customized card, these are the few questions that i will usually ask...

1. What occasion is it for?

2. For a male or female? 
3. Would you like to have his/her name on the card?
4. Is there any particular thing he/she likes? 
5. Is there any color that he/she likes?
6. Would it be ok if it is a cute card?
7. When do you need it?

So be prepared with these questions so we can start the ball rolling!  

Email or PM me on Facebook and I am more than willing to help make an ideal card for your friend!

I reserve the rights to all final decisions.
Proper credits to "MLcraft" should be given if you attempt to use any of my ideas or cards for other purposes. Thank you!


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