Sunday, January 1, 2012

Payment and Delivery

How do i order?
Email or PM me on Facebook with the following details:

Card Name: e.g. HB04, IMY02 etc..

Your Name: 
Contact Details: HP No. / Email Address
Special Request: e.g. adding in friend's name?
Delivery: Normal Mail, Registered Mail or Meet up.

I will reply you with the total transferable amount when everything is finalized.

How much is each card?   
Majority of the cards are priced at a affordable price of between SGD$4 - SGD$5, unless it is a custom made card for wedding or card sizes that are bigger.

Pricing of a custom made card depends on the card size and complexity of it. You may request to have a specific theme (e.g. Star shapes, butterflies etc..) or to incorporate a picture or you may simply request for a card that has more
red elements because "my friend loves the color RED!". The price range will fall between $6-$20.

You may find a wide collection of cards, along with their price and size on my MLcraft Facebook Page.

How can i make my payment?

You may make payment to POSB Savings 228-27595-6. Alternatively, I have a Citibank Account too.

How much does it cost for each delivery option?
Normal Mail: Minimum 50cents.
Please note that order tracking is not available for normal postage deliveries and MLcraft is not responsible for lost of normal mails. Kindly wait 3-5 full working days for your order to arrive.
Registered Mail: Additional $2.24 on top of the normal charge.
Meet Up: Its Free! But meet up at 7pm - Only available at locations Plaza Singapura, Somerset 313, Vivo City, Outram Park MRT, Jurong East MRT or Bukit Panjang Plaza.

How many days does it take to have the card delivered?
Cards displayed on the blog/facebook are all ready stocks which can be mailed out immediately.

Can you deliver directly to my friend?
Sure, let me have your message and your friend's address and I will print it out in the card and have it mailed to your friend directly!

For customized orders, please Email or PM me for more details. Alternatively, you can find out more here.


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