Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lets Play.

I've been rushing birthday and christmas cards orders the past week and i think i have enough photos to update you guys for the next few weeks.. Even though they are sold, but i will still make more of them because MLcraft will be participating in a Christmas Market in Bedok this december! It's a step ahead and i will update with more information shortly.

I will be flying off tomorrow night and i think i should share a card with you before i fly of for a short 4 days holiday!


The big house is a Maya Road chipboard, being painted with a strong bright color - yellow, to let it pop. The smaller houses are Jenni Bowlin chipboards that are painted with pistachio color paint.. really makes me feel like eating pistachios now. hehe.. The birdies are from Lawn Fawn while the Sentiment by Paper Smooches. And so you can see, my supplies are all over the place by different brands and accumulated through my years of scrapbooking.

And the inside of the card which is decorate so nicely because i gave this card for a friend who invited me to his housewarming last Sunday. It was really nice to be able to attend my first housewarming ever. And finally i get to see what the BTO flats look like nowadays. If you are not from Singapore...... Singapore flats used to be big and spacious.. but nowadays............... it's shrinking and getting so much smaller. It's like the size of 3 room flat last time is the size of a 4 room flat now. So each room is getting smaller. And so i told my boyfriend "what is going to happen to my scraproom next time~~!"

The envelope with a little decorative element.


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