Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Great Journey Together


So i haven't shared with you all the card i made for my beast (yes, i'm the beau. lol.) on our 4th year anniversary. We had a very nice and expensive dinner with good food and good wine. We promised no gifts to be exchanged but i still end up buying him a gift because it was something that fitted him very well. Ok, so i got him a camera cufflink, because he is a photographer.. And the cufflink looked like a spycam on his wrist. lol.

Anyhow, i started this card with a totally different concept. Wanted to go for a camera theme card or even a cute card with salt and pepper image from Lawn Fawn Stamp set, but like what you see...... i ended up a long way off it. It's not that i don't like, in fact, i love it.. just that i am surprised that my idea took me so far with such a nice title. :)

And this is the inside of the card.

Hope you enjoyed your week so far!


Well, it's a good way to mark a milestone in your relationship with all the maps and the little camera. Happy anniversary! :)

haha.. yes! would have been great if it was a singapore map. hoho!

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