Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Upcoming Holidays

Source: google.no via Elisabeth on Pinterest

I loveeeee Dolphins! And i look forward to seeing this view for my upcoming company trip in October. YES, my company is having a holiday trip to PERTH and i am so excited to see the kangaroos and dolphins.

Other than the upcoming PERTH trip, i've also booked my FIRST BANGKOK trip this coming December. And yes, i call this my first because the last time i went BKK was when i was 4 years old, which i can only remember vivid images from it.

I guess this year is full of travelling and fun, yet a very damaging "pocket" year. So let me know if you guys have side-job lobangs or have crafting deals for me to leech.

Anyway, crafting got to put on hold for awhile because i have taken up jobs for the 2 upcoming weekends and i ran out of tapes for my ATG!! *Nightmare* PLUS, MTH change their operating hours, so i can only head down on weekends to get them. SO SAD!

Till then, stick around while i upload older projects then!


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