Friday, August 31, 2012



It's been raining alot recently and i guess my cards are also taking its toll by turning dark and gloomy too. But the sentiment "thinking of you" fits well for this card. Best to be given to a male friend that you miss dearly since it is not too girly.

Slightly elevated from the card.

And the inside for you to write a message!

I've been real busy at work and in my personal life in a good way. I have more sales coming in and have been exercising alot recently. By alot, i mean 4 times in the month of August when it was only once every 3 months record. Haha.. somehow everyone wants to exercise this month and i'm feeling really exhausted especially when i have so many dinner appointments after work. Haven't even trim my brows and dye my roots! 

Anyhow, Papermarket is opening a new outlet at Vivocity and it is so near my workplace! I guess another new shopping destination for me!


I've been making cards with more sombre colours too. funny how the weather affects our crafting

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