Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Upcoming Christmas Series

Hi fellowers, Christmas is drawing near and the Christmas papers have hit the local stores since a month ago. I've been trying to keep my expenses low yet bring in many variety of papers so you could buy the end products at an affordable price! The perks of being a cardmaker is that i get to "feel" the excitement of holidays 3 months in advance and start prep-ing myself for the joyous occasion! I'm really feeling it as i look through the Christmas items i have bought. 

This year, i am taking a different 1st step approach to my christmas series because i think it is a good opportunity to train my card sketching. If you don't know what is card sketches, it means to turn the above drawings into a card. Squares means papers, Circles may mean more papers layered over it or stickers or other establishments and Sentiments/Word means the place to write "happy birthday" or "so happy for you" or "merry christmas". I am really not good with sketches because i usually work with my instincts or i just look at a card made by someone and work from there. You do not need to follow exactly from the sketch but the sketch prevents you from lifting entirely from someone else's work.

Anyhow, other than training my sketching, i've made a few birthday and wedding cards which can only be shared after the "event". So till then, wait patiently fellowers as i bring to you cute and fun cards!


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