Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Workspace

Hi Everyone! I'm back today with a few photos to share my newwwwwww workspace! I know i have promised a few crafters out there before, that i will do a post to share my craft room but it was too messy so there was no point sharing too.

Anyway, i did my IKEA shopping on Singapore National's day and had all the furniture delivered on the Saturday. Basically, i bought 5 items in total - 2by2 Expedit, 2by4 Expedit, 1 table top, 1 HELM drawer on castor and a wall shelf. All the items were white except the HELM drawer which was red because the drawer stores all my inks.

Ok, before you scroll down and GASP at the whiteness of the furniture....... i'll like to let you know that i am not 100% comfortable with white furnitures because i play with LOTS of inks but i am spending 90% of my effort to take care of it. And hopefully it will serve me well for at least 2 years.

So on Saturday, the furnitures arrive and my handyman, aka my boyfriend, arrived. I was being stingy so i only paid for the delivery and made my handyman do the job. Since it was just fixing 2 Expedits and a drawer. As the deliveryman was bringing in the furniture, they asked "you order the table but you never buy the legs ar?!" Hahahaha.. you will see how i do it in the next pic!

There isn't alot of pics on the fixing up because not so nice to be snapping away while handyman was hammering. so..... here's my new workspace in my bedroom!

Ta-da! Table top on my 2 Expedits. Actually without anything on the table, the table top will flip when added pressure on one side. But after putting everything up, the table is really stable without any hinge attached. My room definitely looks more spacious now.

As for the wall shelve..... i ended up bring it to exchange for something thinner because the cheaper one that i bought was too thick for my liking on the wall. So till then, all my photo frames and decos are in a box.

Every cube has a category... example, 1 for dies, 1 for embellishments, 1 for papers etc..... i guess i shall not say much now unless there's enough request for a organization entry or something.....

Anyhow, i have to share this pic with u!! This is one of the drawer for the HELM drawer, it stores the distress ink pads perfectly! and its real pretty when i open it. *drools* Since this drawer is on castors, i can always roll it out anywhere in the house to use!

Hope you find something that you like and can use here! ;)


Really love the corner :) i love white and i have been using ikea furniture for my craft area. I use the large table covers from the office section in ikea to cover the table top so that it will help to prevent you from dirty the table :)

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