Monday, July 2, 2012



The first time when i saw this Lemon Stamp Set at my LSS, i immediately got it. It was only a dollar and it was too cute to resist. The sentiment that popped up in my mind was "Happy Lemon". Ehhh.. If you are a fellow Singaporean, you might know a drink stall called "Happy Lemon" too. Sidenote: Love their Kumquat Green Tea QQ Jelly drink. lol.

Even though the sentiment kept ringing in my head, but i ended up making use of my $1 Studio G "Always Remember" stamp set to complete the sentiment.. Okay.... basically, the entire card is made using $1 (U.P is $1.90) stamp sets. Love collecting them even though their not very tacky.

Drew stitched lines along the card but i failed with my straight line, hence the ugly drawing on the right side. I promise i will improve on my stitched lines then. haha!

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