Friday, July 27, 2012



Hi! Welcome to Day 5 of the graduation series! I love how all the cards are so simple to put together yet very colorful. All the cards are in a size that can be fitted so well with a gift or even be placed with a stalk of rose/sunflower!

A close up of the colorful books!

I hope you are still following this Graduation series because we are halfway through and you should start planning which cards you are going to buy before it gets sold out!

The graduation cards are 4.25"x2.75" size. 

Each sold at 80cents with an envelope provided. Postage excluded.

August Promotion: $2 for 3 cards as long as you "Like" MLcraft facebook page!

If you need to add a friend's name, just let me know because it only cost 50cents to do it! 


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