Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Not too sure if you are familiar with the magic school bus.. but this bus kinda looks like it! Anyway....... i remember always chasing for the bus when i have classes in the morning, or when i'm running late (which i am always late~)

So here is today's card for the graduation series. Very simple but it may bare a hidden meaning between you and your friends.

Just in case you are visiting this blog for the first time......... I am having my Convocation (SIM) in August and would love to extend this joy to everyone who has friends graduating too. Hence, MLcraft will be releasing 7 designs of graduation cards (4.25"x2.75") this week. Today is card no.2 and you can find yesterday's card here.

Each sold at 80cents with an envelope provided. Postage excluded.

August Promotion: $2 for 3 cards as long as you "Like" MLcraft facebook page!

So here's a sneaky for tomorrow........ tomorrow's card will come in different colors and is real cute! So stay tune!


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