Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scrap Room Inspirations

Been missing recently because of work related stuff. Finally taking a short break from my work related stuff to blog. I haven't stop making crafting, just that i have no time to take the photos and upload it up. I think i have about 5 cards sitting by the side of my table now.. I'm pretty excited to share them with u! So other than busy with work-related stuff, i am doing up a proper watermark for my photos and it will work as a logo too. Just found the right font but haven't found the right color to fit it with.

 Lastly, I'm looking at customizing my workspace in my room. Due to the limited space in my room (Because of my Queen Size bed and i have only one powerpoint area for electricity) i can't afford the big Expedit Shelf or a craft table placed in the middle of the room. Now i've got to work around the space of that one wall - working upwards or downwards with cube units like the expedits ones. Good thing is, i only have a Laptop which is a spacer saver because CPU is really bulky with lots of wires running around.

If you have any inspiration, do share with me k?

Source: yahoo.com via Madey on Pinterest

A "whole" among the table bottom cubes to have a decent leg space.

Make the table bigger than the drawers at the bottom so there is still a leg space. And "deeper" tables means more space to do 12x12 LOs and put a row of drawers to store stationary and ink pads. I can also Clip my Ikea LED lamp during photo takings. 

Like the combination of different drawer sizes at the bottom. Plus a few blank ones to put my machines, paper trimmer and cardstocks.


Hi Madey,
Can u email me your address at chin_pooi@yahoo.com, would like to send you the RAK from my blog giveaway! Thanks :)

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