Monday, June 25, 2012

1st Workshop

Celebrated Scrappin' Love 2nd birthday on Sunday with 3 other lovely ladies at Cat Socrates. The cafe was a very nice place to scrap and you do not have to pay extra to use the tables. Just order some drinks and you are free to use the tables for projects. If you do not want to scrap outside, the shop sells alot of other crafty stuff too! E.g. Lomo postcards, binded books and stamps. It was a great discovery to me.

I ever bought twines from Scrappin' Love before and she provided a great service. Recently, she did a facebook event to allow others to stand a chance to win either goodie bags or a free suitcase workshop in conjunction to her eshop's 2nd birthday. So i was the winner for the suitcase workshop! *jumps*

Super thrilled and excited to be able to attend my first ever workshop and this workshop wasn't intimidating at all. She was a good teacher and the whole process was comfortable too. Probably i should save more and attend another class in a LSS. hee. Whatever it is, i have one wish striked off my bucket list. ;)

We only had the time to finish the suitcase and the basics of the mini album. So my homework is to paste all the photos and include the journaling. Will share it when it is done. Hopefully by end of this week!


looks lovely and glad you enjoyed your 1st workshop

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