Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Mail


One of my first ever Happy Mail was received on Wednesday and i've got to say, i really felt thrilled and happy when i saw it in my mailbox. This RAK is from fellow scrap blogger, Pooi Pooi and she is also known as shaggyfish. Do check out her blog cause she's been smashing and creating journals for sale. :)

The RAK came with a tag that was totally stripped with washi tapes. LOL.. i attempted to count how many different types were there and i think i got it at about 11 different designs? I love the bicycle stamp and the ink used.. just wondering if it is wet cement HA ink?

I totally ripped the package and poured out everything to see. There were so many good stuff and the SMASH tape is so pretty! Love the color. Gonna use it for my organizer.. Other stuffs that are new to me is the october Afternoon stickers and the stamp sets.

Do check out her blog to see some smashing ideas!


who is the manufacturer for that volkswagen camper van sticket set? (:

so much goodies!

Hey Juanna, there is no manufacturer on it. The back has a sticker tag that says it was bought from "CitySuper"..

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