Friday, June 29, 2012

Things I Love

I've been hauling alot lately and majority of the stuffs are things that I've been wanting. So other than the heartaches i am having, i am still glad i got them because they are awesome. Gonna share them with you and I hope you will find something that you like too. :)

No. 1 - ATG Runner
This is one big tape runner that i am still getting use to. I am currently using a Tombo Tape Runner but it is real expensive at the rate i am using and it actually doesn't stick as well as this ATG probably due to the humid weather in Singapore. This ATG is bought by my boyfriend for my EARLY EARLY birthday present. Hee.. my birthday is only in September. =p But whatever it is, i want this badly~~

I've been searching this high and low in Singapore and i can't find it anywhere! I was only able to find huge ass ones in Artfriend. You must be wondering whats so great about this ruler right?! HA! If you don't know.. i always draw my lines horizontally upwards or downwards which is not what I want because i want to draw lines that are perpendicular to the side! So this is a life saver for me. Finally, i am so glad Maple Treehouse decided to bring them in! 3 Cheers for them!

I gave up hope wanting to buy Prisma Color Pencils because the price of it is toooooo expensive. 24 colors for $60plus. =O i end up buying Fiber Castells ones to play with this blending solution. This is a blending agent to create watercolor-like effect on your colored images. i hope it looks better than watercolor effects! I've yet to play with it.. but i'm looking forward to it! There's another brand for this blending solution called Sansodor found in Artfriend, but i heard it always run out. You may youtube this technique..

No. 4 - Limited Edition Distress Ink (Summer, Spring)
At one shot, i got the Summer and Spring colors because they are really unique from the other colors in the distress ink palettes. And now i am missing the Autumn Colors because somehow, everytime when i look at it, it doesn't super appeal to me to spend that money. Hopefully i will win it somewhere in a Destash or RAK post. haha..

Another BIG TOY! When i say big is because i really don't have that much space in my room to keep big items.. and i try to be as organized as possible. And because this is new and it's like a precious baby to me, i can't just try to squeeze it into a hole on my table or have things stack above it. Anyway, got this at 40% off from and it is really a great deal since you can't really find this in SG. And i swear by this trimmer because the blade is so much better than my Popular $15 trimmer. The wire track makes cutting precise! Invest in one!

Among the above mentioned items.. i also got more washi tapes, twines, stamps and a few 6x6 paper pads. I decided to put all my new un-used items into a paper bag. I will go to this paper bag when i need to play with something new and it also reminds me that i shouldn't buy more because i haven't played with the items i recently bought. I shall not keep buying and putting them away into my organized boxes. Hope this method helps. 

P/S: I actually had this similar post typed out yesterday and i saved it as draft. But when i came in today, i clicked on a wrong button and everything was wiped out! Sad sad sad! But i still wanted to share these with you although my writing is messy and my thoughts are everywhere.


Hi Madey, how much is the tape glue and where can it be purchased?

yikes ignore my last qn, i just clicked on the link. am considering haha is it good to use? the other tape glues i am using runs out real fast

Bought it for $34.50, which is an expensive start up price but everyone says it is a good deal for the long term. I used to be using the Tombo tape runner and it also runs out real fast! *heartpain*
For the ATG, other than it being big, the tape is actually stick-er than Tombo and definitely has more quantity lo. Lastly, it takes practice to get a hang of "cutting" the tape cos it doesn't cut as easy as the normal tape runners i've used.

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