Sunday, March 4, 2012

Say "NO" to.......

Got this off the Lawnscaping Blog and i totally agree with what Laurel said about it! Totally can't stand the word verification system on blogspot. I know it is a feature to avoid ridiculous comments but i am always having a hard time figuring out what the word is and sometimes there are TWO words to figure out. Most of the time, the words don't make sense at all. I always think twice about leaving comments because i am afraid i will hit this "wall".

As fellow scrappers, you may participate in challenge sites and will find yourself having more comments than usual on your blog when you submit an entry. The design team makes an effort to visit your blog and give you words of encouragement, so it may be a good thing to turn this feature off. Some of you may not even realize it's on..... Go to your blog settings: Comments: and click "no" to show word verification.

Hope i didn't offend any one of you. Just my personal thoughts.


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