Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Miss you all the time

I've been missing cause my roadshows are almost Mondays to Saturdays and i end up reaching home everyday sitting in my couch not doing anything (yes, not even scrapbooking). However, i still read my google reader feeds and youtube daily dosages. Feeling super inspired yet no energy to do, so it backfires to OVERDOSED of inspiration. LOL.

Little update in my life. Boyfriend's off to Taiwan for his Army exercise. He text that living conditions are bad, so i guess it is really bad cause i know his tolerance for living condition is considerable high. haha! So the image above totally explains my feeling now and for the next 3 weeks.

Next up, excited about my upcoming MBS stay and Sentosa Chalet next week. Plus the Bali trip with girlfriends at the beginning of June. ;)


whoops... I thought you made the card initially! Good luck on your roadshow! Have you passed all your insurance exam? I still have 3 more papers to go! =)

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