Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Circle Cutter

Circle cutter for $2 at Diaso! Yeahs! Thanks to Joan's recommendation, i'm so happy i finally can cut a proper circle.
Cuts 1cm-15cm circles and the blade is pretty sharpe. I used my cutting mat for cutting but there is a slight difficulty because the blade is like a pen-knife blade. So i've gotta turn my paper slightly while cutting. For $2, i don't mind turning abit of my paper. haha!


And of course i'm delighted that i can cut slim rim circles! hoho!!

A few days later, i saw this circle cutter on the "Recommended" shelf. *Satisfied*


you are good with the cutter! I am hopeless with this maybe I was trying to cut a fifty-cent-sized circle. I had to turn my paper while cutting and the hole in the middle got bigger and bigger =P

50cents too small lah! hahhahaa.. but if you notice, my hole in the middle is quite big too. So i used an image to stick over it.

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