Thursday, November 17, 2011

On Cloud Nine

Photobucket ohhhhh myyyyy goooooodnesssss... i simply love Lawn Fawn Stamps! They are SO SO SO cute yet not childish. If i could, i would want to collect all their stamp sets. Adorable! Aside from owning "Frosty Friends", i now own "On the Bend", "Sophie's Sentiments", "Harold's ABCs Stamp Set" and "Quinn's ABCs Stamp Set".

When i was looking for it about 2-3weeks ago, i didn't see PM carrying the older collection. However, i went to Lawn Fawn's Website and saw an online SB store (On Cloud Nine) that i haven't seen before. So i went to their website and was very skeptical about it because their blog was kinda quiet, products were limited but the FB was very active though. So I decided to drop them an email and they replied after 2 hours, which is very prompt! Wasn't sure who i was "chatting" with on the other side and there was no number, just an email address for their store. But i went ahead and ask if they had the above mentioned stamp sets because it wasn't on their website. They were so nice to let me know they could order from Lawn Fawn and how long it would take for them to receive. And when there was a slight delay, they immediately emailed me to let me know. This is what i called good service. On top of that, it is free shipping and it came in bubble wrapped envelope too.

I'm so glad to open my mailbox today and see the package in it. Happy meal in the mailbox! love love love. I also bought few other items because they are pretty too. All items were not exceptionally cheap because most of the time i have 40% off at PM. However, it saves the time for me to search up and down and some items are always OOS in LSS. If you are a crafter too, do visit cause you might find something that you like. ;)

Maya Road letter chipboards and Basic Grey paper pad.

Yes, i love alphabets. Can't get enough of them! They are so essential to make the whole LO look pretty.

Update: On Cloud Nine has extended a great offer of 15% discount to me and my friends when you purchase with them! Simply type discount code 'MADEYLIM' during checkout to enjoy the discount!  This coupon code is valid for you to use up to 5 checkout times. Expiring on 31/12/2011. What are you waiting for?! Time to get started on your Christmas cards and Presents to me.. hehe! 10q OCN.


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