Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Snowman in a Globe

Here's another card I've made for this holiday! Really love Lawn Fawn stamps and i can use Ranger's Stickers to create a snowy effect without having glitters all over my table, hands and face! Apologies to the "bleeding" heart. The ink smeared while i was applying the stickers.



Parents went on a holiday and the house is quieter than usual. I'm staying home munching on my titbits, drinking a glass of wine, cooking with B, watching NCIS/CSI NY/Private Practice, Criminal Minds, Bones blar blar blar.... you get it lar! I'm a couch potato now. hahaha!

Of course, i am also creating an album of my 21st birthday and I'm using the DCW "Once Upon A Time" Paper collection! IT IS SO PRETTY!!!! I can't bear to cut them up or stick photos over it! However, "thou shalt not hoard". Ok, totally made that up impromptu!

I'm not saying i'm not actively finding a job though! Sent about 10plus resumes to companies that i think i will enjoy working at. I'm still sticking to my "higher than average" demand for salary until the day i feel that i had enough of sending resume or perhaps when a dream job opens, THEN i will consider reducing my expectations. As for now, i am not entirely jobless. I will be a freelance photographer for a photobooth event at Takashimaya this holiday and i am really looking forward to it! I'll be shooting kids, so the only thing i pray is that they are not nasty and mean. =/


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