Monday, November 1, 2010

What does it mean

What does a dream mean when you realize the characters inside are so random?

I woke up not remembering what exactly the storyline is but i remember who were involved. They became my friend from different period of my life.

1. Olivia - my primary school classmate. someone that i was very close with in my class. she is pretty much the only friend i kept in touch after graduating. years has pass and we are no longer talking anymore.

2. Yuyan - my secondary school classmate. Another friend whom i was close with in my class. She sits beside me during assembly and she plays sports like me. lost contact after graduating too so i really feel random for dreaming about her.

3. Yingxuan - my poly team mate. We knew each other's existence since secondary school but we didn't exchange words back then. Went into NP and got closer because of Jac and Sichyi. We were in the same school of business and tried out CCAs together before finalizing our decision with volleyball again. There is one great thing about this friendship because we STILL talk, just less often because she is in Australia.

Hmmm.. i don't always hang out or chat with my friends that i consider close with. i pretty much believe that close friends do not need to meet each other every week to consider close. or chat every week to become close.


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