Saturday, April 3, 2010

Adorable Presents

I have been waiting for Dawn to post this photo on her blog cause i want you guys to see the present that she is holding on her hands. SUPER CUTE CAN.

Its mashmellows in a sanitary packaging and its strawberry flavour. They even have the picture of a pad.

Next time i'm going to say "Did u bring extra mashmellows? Can i borrow one cause my period just came." =D

Anyway, going to Batam with my sisters in June. Its a 2D 1N thingy for us to go there relax and chat. I totally look forward to it cause we haven been on a holiday together before. I bet there will be truck loads of photos and inside gossips. *winks winks* Thanks Natalie for organizing everything. P/S: D A and M are all too busy to do such things.


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