Saturday, September 19, 2009

Those Were The Days

Finally in such a long long time..... i finally see Benjamin and Benedick. I normally see benjamin during beach times and benedick during..... er, lets just say, when we are having fun. haha.. Both Bens are fun to be with.

This meetup for Benjamin's 20th birthday was pretty last min and it happened to be on Wednesday (not weekends) because Benjamin POP-ed. Cheers! I think he had grown thinner. =/

Anyway, dinner at Fish and Co. Ion. Endless topic to chat about and i really miss those days.

Overwhelmed with flashbacks, i decided to create a list named "I miss the olden days".
1. 10 people squeezing in yx's car.
2. US finding seats and joining tables in KAP.
3. All of US trying to form teams to play in volleyball court.
4. All of US clashing yingxuan's place during weekends for soccer and mahjong.
5. All of US staying over at yingxuan's place just for next day's beach games.
6. All of US celebrating a festive season, think xmas 2007 was fun!
7. Hope to have a night to relive and update 14 July 2007! Maybe this time round 2 bottles of vodka. haha! nah, jk!
8. All of US talking about prison break and countless dramas.
9. All of US meeting up at canteen 2.
10. All of US having lots of fun in camps, playing snapjack, murderer and idunnowhat.
11. All of us eating noodles and junk food at yingxuan's place!
12. Making our jerseys, celebrating our victory and having sushi tei.

What else are there.....? can't remember more. But i think the last-most-complete-gathering was on benedick's 21st birthday by the pool. I hope things won't fade when it's next year. I hope my 21st will have everyone around (yes, one of my greatest wish.) =D

The photo above really reminds me of everything. And hope the volleyballers who are reading will feel the same too. Though years passed and we have "members" going in and out. But our topics never ran out. Hope everybody remembers each and everyone.


lol. i wont be around to celebrate your 21st. :( you forgot mentioning we played DJMAX. LOLOL. :DDD i miss those days too!

two bottles?
madey is responsible for one alone, i am sure she can do it.

Wah.. 1 bottle to myself?! i think you won't see me playing any games for the night.

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