Sunday, September 27, 2009

The broken heels

The most sibei sway thing that had happened to me yesterday at JE MRT. I swear my mind turned blank and i panicked.

My heels broke lar! And its a brand new pair of heels that i walked from home to the main road, hailed a cab, then walk from the back of JE till the popular bookshop before it SNAPPED and the entire heel came off. MAX PAISEH.

Anyway, called my hero and he came down from the platform to save me. Giving me 2 options, he suggested either going home and changing a new pair of shoes OR he will go over to JE entertainment side to buy a new pair. Desperately knowing that i don't wanna walk another step around and let people spot me in this situation, i went for the second option. My hero quickly rushed over and selected a new pair of heels for me. And he had to take into consideration the outfit i was wearing and the comfort level! lol.. which guy would do that for me sia! >.<

The shoes turn out to fit me pretty well except a little loose cause the back of my heels is too skinny for the strap to hold on to my feet. Nevertheless, i had the best night ever. From the rescue till the candlelight dinner.

Thank you.


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