Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Must Catch!


Seriously nice. Seriously good. Seriously handsome looking actors. Love the graphics. Love the storyline. I actually enjoyed this more than Transformers. I mean, they each have their own good. But i like the technology used in this movie.

Kept laughing when i watched the 2 men clad in the silver suit running on the streets. They were so cute, like little robots. haha!

Anyway, go catch it!

Saw Jack & the grp of friends before the movie. Was really shock to see them at such a random place and at a random time. As usual, gossip the same things. haha.. i mean, our topics always revolve around that.

Funny thing was, we were in the cinema too.

Nice seeing them again. Really a bunch of guys that made me laugh!

Mad handsome. Love Love.


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