Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wrong click

Warning to people who have eaten the shao kao near my house in Shanghai:


Ku-ku lar. Her cousin went over to Shanghai and took a photo with the Shao Kao. Now i miss it darn alot. And then qiuting mentions the Yong Tou Fu that till now, i still love the vinegar to the max.

Regretted clicking on her blog because i am so hungry now and nothing can satisfy my mouth cause shao kao and yong tou fu goes best together!

On a lighter note: i spent my past 2 days sending out resumes (countless till i lost count) and its so nice to hear 2 phone calls today. Pretty much looking forward to be selected to work in the Far East Organisation. Sounds like a fun and challenging job.

Meanwhile, tml is another phone calling day to hog the SIM private unis.


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