Monday, May 25, 2009

cause the pillar is falling

More calls on the available jobs but so far no interviews. Been feeling really tired, physically and mentally, to the point that i can't be bothered with things anymore.

Went to the Sentosa on saturday and had a heavy big breakfast from McDonalds. Proceeding in to the breach and the sand was so hot! It kinda cooked a little of the sole of my feet. but i'm not a red lobster now cos there was a bit of spf on my shoulders as i applied suntanning oil.

Gave a miss to the secondary school gathering cause i felt really tired already and then went to get ben's present at vivo city. 

It was a really hard saturday night to pass and it pulled my mood down on sunday at ben's birthday pool party. Anyway, will note about it with photos when i am in a better mood. Don't ask if i am alright, because i am not. And i am someone who have days that are down and troubled. i mean, who doesn't have issues right?

Right now, i just need a break and lie in bed.

Good night folks.


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