Friday, November 28, 2008

music and lyrics

Going a lil emo.

Since morning 9am, i have been listening to my itunes and as the songs play tracks after tracks, some priceless memory reminds me of my friends.

I remember......

RAINIEE: that cat of mine. so guai....... so cute.... HAHAHA! no lar. She is the sweetest poly friend i have. She wrote notes in the stars and stored them in a bottle. Every color had a meaning such as when i lose my faith, when i lose my courage etc.. Its really the greatest medicine with a nice scatchbook to come along with. I seriously miss her and to think that she will be gone to another country a few months after i go back SG. =(

YINGXUAN: the weekends when we snuggle up the same bed with her hugging penny and we will sleep together. then the days where she will pick me up from home for exams, outings and trainings and then send me home after that. Thanks so much for all the rides. I look forward to riding on your new vehicle tho i will still miss the FIAT. haha.. its like a "school bus" to us.
Then we will spend every weekend with the clique for mahjong and movie sessions. Sometimes i will claim that she kidnap me to her place just to have me in bed. HAHA! the little secrets we share are so priceless. Take care sweeeeetie pieeee. stop losing your things ok!

BEN, JIANMING, GINMIN: I've got to admit that you 3 are like the big brothers of this clique. Always lending me jackets and helping me carry my heavy stuff. Thanks so much. And every song that i listen to now reminds me of you all cause we will share musics and of cause i miss the days when you guys chase me for pictures! Haha.. you all always take care of us and tho you guys always bully me but i still feel grateful to have you guys being part of my life. Thanks Ben for always organising the outings and Ginmin bringing in the laughters with lame jokes and Jianming for bullying me~ LOL. nahhh... just kidding. Jianming has always been my listening ear because i didn't want anyone to worry so i turned to him. Thanks for keeping the secret at that point of time.

THE REST OF THE VOLLEYBALL CLIQUE AND NPVBALL GERS: I miss volleyball lehs! Omg. I'm feeling fat here lar! The clique has grown and shrink thr the 2 years. and there have been lots of secrets shared. I miss the trainings we have on tues, thurs - vball club and wed,fri,sun - IVP trainings. Miss the times where we make jerseys, go sentosa, midnight movies, competitions and the countless farewell gatherings we had b4 i left! LOL.

D.A.N: to my 3 babes. Crapest girls but never fail to make me laugh. we always wonder, how we 4 can get together when we love different guys and love different things. Different taste too! LOL. the love for cheese and the love for fashion are like quite diff lar! Hmmm.. But lets skype soon and bitch together! HOHO! Go out more often and take pics for me. Miss you darlings. Miss the times when you gers clash my house and we clash dawn's house. And we always bitch about angela's disappearance. LOL (i bet she is not reading again =P )

BESTIE: Ron ron ron ron ron!!!! Please takeeee careeee and jiayou for CT. Don't whine about it cause i know you are smart enuff to score for it.. Anyway, i know you miss me cause no one to go shopping with right?! HOHO! I really appreciate the time when you picked me up from the hospital and then buy donuts for me. From Jurong to Raffles then back to Jurong, just for donuts. Thats not easy, i know. Thanks so much. Although you always scold me stupid but i know you dote me alot. I still enjoy playing SPORES! They are real cute. hahaha..

FAMILY: I miss them. Miss my grand. I whine at my mum cause i always don't see my bro's skype on. I call them on the phone to get them online. hahaha.. cause miss mahs. Then i whine at my mum to quickly get a webcam so i can see them. KOR GO GET ONE LAR. anyway, i guess when im in SG, i dun tok so much to them too. =x this attachment reminds me on how comfy my home and room is. MY PURPLE ROOM AND BIG BIG BED! miss miss.

OTHER FRIENDS: sorry to always get you all worried and thanks for all the farewell gifts and wishes. I will keep updating to let you guys know how i am. But currently, i am very very cold. cause it is 5 degrees now. freezing fingers typing this. My company aircon sucks.. I miss sushi tei colleagues, the chief dote me alot and the waitress and waiter there are so nice to talk crap with. Love the days when we lao yusheng and have steamboat party for lunch. HAHA!

Okay okay, too much typing le. need to get back to work. Come back later with pictures!

P/S: finally manage to login to photobucket.

P/S/S: oh, my mummy ask me dun sniff so hard. Cos apparently, it is so cold here that my nose bleed while i blow my nose. LOL. not like.. NOSE BLEED OUT type, but jus that go a little blood.


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