Sunday, October 12, 2008

Xiang Yang Shi Chang

Welcome to the weekend in Shanghai! Saturday i spend my day shopping and in JIA LE FU (aka Carrefour) YES! There is Carrefour and the things are isn't that cheap. Almost the same price as it is sold in Singapore but we find alot of "Home-ly" products. =D

Since Desmond is cooking Fried Rice now, i shall blog!

Morning woke up and ate breakfast at home then we slack around before heading down to.....


Tell you somthing, my house is outside the METRO (aka MRT) station! I just have to cross the bridge and i am ready to travel around Shanghai. Their system works almost the same as Singapore, ye know the EZ-LINK card thingy. Hahaha.. Yes, i am having fun here now.

They also have signs to prevent people from jumping down the tracks.

We headed there and met Xuelin from NP marketing too. She is alone at the East side cause her partner haven't reach China yet. So poor thing lar. But to have her around to shop is SO SO SO fun! =D

HERE we are! Xiang Yang Shi Chang.

It looks like a Far East type of place. Where there are alot of shops and intersections that you would probably get lost. When we step in, we forbidded ourselves to speak in English cause we will kanna "tok", as in, kanna cheated lar!

So it started with me in Cheena Qiang. =p I spoke like a china ger bargaining for Price and i tell you, Xuelin is like a SHI FU to me liao. She can Teh~ her way through and really get the price we want. She knows the "steps" of bargaining man! So happy and funny to shop with her. Guess every weekend she is my partner already.

We splitted way and headed home at 7pm cause she can't go home too late (very unsafe!) While the rest of us headed to Carrefour and did more household shoppings.

My loots of the day! Mostly to prepare myself for winter and counter the cold now.

It rained last night and it was soooo soooo sooo cold. The security guard told us to wear more too. =)

At the end of the day, i feel happy cause i learn something already. I can navigate better and not so much fear in me anymore..


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